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It gives you the opportunity to get to know, meet friends or family and expand your network with a simple phone call.


Show your profile in Shuffle. Add a nice photo and short description to your profile to get more attention. In addition, you can also highlight your profile if you like and get even more attention.

Simply Chat

Write or speak with other users you found in the shuffle list. Added #tags to your profile and let's just find you 😉

Private Talks

Have private conversations with the people you chattest with. With the call button you can talk to a chat partner live without having to reveal your phone number. Easy and secure over a private room.

Likes & Matches

You do not want to write directly, but first know whether based on your profile someone fits you? No problem, browse the shuffle and leave a Like in the profiles you like. If someone licks you back you have a match and you can start writing right away!

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